Boreala Management 4Talent Framework™

An integrated approach for effective talent management to help your organization hire, develop and retain employees

Whether you need support to create a comprehensive talent management strategy for your organization, or expert advice in one or two areas, our Consultants are here to support you:

Identify current and future talent needs for your organization

Hire the right people for the right positions at the right time

Develop, motivate and effectively retain existing employees.

Boreala Management 4Talent Service Offering

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High-Level Talent
Management Diagnosis

Online questionnaire to quickly assess your organization’s Talent Management practices a great starting point to help you determine your Talent Management priorities!

Detailed Talent
Management Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of your Talent Management practices, based on structured interviews a strategic insight into your Talent Management practices and step by step guidance to create an action plan!

Talent Management
Strategy Workshop

Workshop with your team to review the conclusions of the assessment, discuss recommendations and define a way forward to a clear strategy and a roadmap to enhance your Talent Management practices!

Talent Challenge

Creative problem-solving workshop, with a focus on one specific Talent Management issue you face a creative, employee-focused approach to address one of your key Talent challenges!

Talent Strategy
Implementation Support

Ongoing support and expert advice in the execution of your Talent Management strategy and/or action plan enhanced ability to deliver on your plan and to reach your Talent goals!

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