Specializations: strategy, organizational development, employee engagement and recognition, performance management and organizational culture.

Justine is one of our senior consultants who makes an impact with clients and colleagues alike, thanks to her strong interpersonal and analytical skills. She is also known for her open and empathetic approach in her projects. We had a nice conversation with Justine to discover more about what she does behind the scenes and what motivates her the most.

A few nuggets from Justine’s background:    

Justine had several experiences with different industries through the years like hospitality, IT, retail, banking, etc. Her passion for social & governance factors, stakeholder management and organizational effectiveness drove her toward the HR industry. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from UQAM, and a DESS in Management of Sustainable Development from HEC Montreal.

“Before Boreala, I was working in a web marketing agency. While working there I realized that what I really wanted to do was completely different. I have always been very passionate about HR, and I wanted to do something more profound, so I decided to study sustainable development management. What I had in my head was to really focus on the social responsibility of the firms; how can I support them to make sure they are responsible for the society and their community.I started working as consultant and I realized how HR is a particularly important piece of social responsibility of organizations. That experience opened my eyes to the world of consulting, and I started doing some research to find the best fit for myself. When I came across the website of Boreala, I really loved the approach of the firm, the team, and the company culture. Very spontaneously I sent out my resume and now it has been two and a half years that I am under the roof of Boreala.”

What motivates her the most:

The key motivation behind her hard work and success is her passion to provide support and help organizations and individuals.

“What motivates me the most is to help organizations and leaders take a step back to get a clear overview of their needs, priorities, and capacities, then support them in their capacity building process (individual, team, and organizational) in order to achieve high-impact and lasting results.”

With several years of experience as a HR generalist, Justine believes that organizational effectiveness diagnosis and action plan are one of the most important services that an organization can invest in. 

“Whether it is an organizational diagnosis, a strategic planning exercise or an engagement survey, I would invest most of my efforts in implementing the recommendations/action plan. Too often the focus is on the “report” itself and not on the implementation of corrective initiatives and actions. If we stop at this stage, there is a strong chance of creating negative effects at several levels of the organization. Such a project then represents a significant cost (financial, but also human due to dissatisfaction/demobilization) rather than an investment.

Beyond the current and necessary picture that a diagnosis offers, what adds the most value and will allow the organization to reach a higher level is the implementation of concrete actions, the involvement of key stakeholders, and healthy communication. In my opinion, this is the real return on investment, financially, operationally and in terms of people!”

Who is Justine after work hours?


In her free times, Justine loves to spend time in the nature, kayaking, skiing, and traveling around the world to discover new cultures and places.

“I do not like the routine. I like to try different activities. I like doing yoga, being outside, riding my bicycle, gardening, reading good books, and we cannot forget my passion for traveling.”