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Six reasons to join us

In your professional life, does having a positive impact on the lives of others speak to you? If yes, you want to join like-minded colleagues and invest in a special organization where you can explore the following:

Dynamic, Growing Firm

This is an exciting time at Boreala. We are expanding and looking for people who are energized by the potential to grow with us.

Hone Your Consulting Skills

Master the art of being a consultant and contribute to client projects in collaboration with a seasoned team.

Peer to PeerDevelopment

Grow beyond the horizons of your expertise in HR, OD, and Compensation. Contribute to and immerse yourself in an environment of peer-to-peer development with colleagues with a variety of expertise.

Flexible WorkEnvironment

Benefit from a welcoming and flexible environment. No suits-and- ties here (well, not all the time). We believe in a balance and that includes a flexible, mutually beneficial work schedule.

Collaboration & Partnerships

We live our values, collaboration and team work are essential. Our environment promotes trust, curiosity, passion and excellence, resulting in strong partnerships both with team members and clients.

Competitive Benefits

Earn a competitive salary and enjoy great benefits such as group health insurance, as well as training and development.

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Want to be part of our dynamic group of experts?