Organizational Effectiveness Services

Is Your Organization/ Department Effective? Are you operating smoothly and hitting organizational goals?

There are many components that make up an effective organization, and Boreala Management is here to guide you to focus time, effort and investments in the right ways to support teams, departments and organizations reach their full potential.

Boreala Management definition of Organizational Effectiveness

An effective organization, through its collaborative teams, intentionally works towards a
shared vision supported by a clear strategy with measurable goals. It optimizes resources,
is agile to the environment and promotes a healthy work culture to achieve sustainable success.

Achieving effectiveness one piece at a time!

Through a decade of work partnering with organizations to enhance efficiency, productivity and achieve tangible results, Boreala Management has developed a proprietary methodology through which we support clients to diagnose pain points and build strategies for improvement: the Boreala Management Organizational Effectiveness Framework (OEF) ©.

The Organizational Effectiveness Framework (OEF) © , developed by Boreala Management is the lens through which we can assess where best to support our clients in achieving their goals.

We have a multitude of tools and content in each dimension, meaning that wherever you need support, we have you covered.

Additionally, Boreala Consultants are Prosci accredited change management practitioners, meaning that our solutions are designed to ensure successful implementation and employee commitment through effective change management and communication strategies.

Where Do You Start?

Looking for support to understand how effective your organization or department is?
Check out how our Effectiveness Dimensions Diagnostic can help your
organization focus time, effort and investment in the right areas.


Take our mini-Organizational effectiveness quiz to get a sneak peek of your effectiveness score.

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