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Alexandra Cannistraro Bosque, Analyst

Alexandra is a creative and analytical Human Resources Professional, with a passion for human-first HR and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She strives to increase workplace efficiencies, while prioritizing an employee-centered approach focused on the satisfaction and wellbeing of all employees.

Her academic interest in psychology and motivation led her to the areas of organizational behaviour, organizational development, employee engagement, and performance management.

Prior to her experience at Boreala Management, she worked in the technology industry, specifically in consulting, Fintech, and digital transformation. Her projects have spanned the areas of employee satisfaction, onboarding, and the implementation of HR processes, amongst other topics. She previously worked as a Team Lead in talent acquisition.

Alex completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2015, a Certificate in Human Resource Management, HRM, in 2019, and she is currently enrolled in the Graduate level Certificate in HRM, all from her alma matter McGill University. She has been an accredited member of the Order des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés, CRHA, since 2021.

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