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Andrés Quesada, Analyst

Andres joined Boreala as a resource for special HR projects in Summer 2021 and was welcomed as an analyst the following year in a permanent capacity. He has proven himself to be a dedicated and flexible addition to the team, exemplifying many of Boreala’s values.

Andres is an agile, adaptive, and enthusiastic team player. He aims to build strong relationships with clients and is interested in both conducting and applying research with the goal of optimizing organizational efficiency.

Andres is excited to utilize his administrative regulation compliance and data analysis background to provide a unique and progressive perspective on human resources challenges. He has worked across many sectors, including marketing, non-profit, and customer support which helped him build a thorough understanding of how to bridge business realities with organizational and employee goals.

Andres currently holds a Service Administration certificate and is pursuing a Business Technology bachelor’s degree.

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