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Frederik Tobin, Facilitator & Coach

Frederick is a bilingual management coach, meeting facilitator, trainer and guest speaker with over 15 years of experience in the improvement of teams and individuals to higher performance, the grooming of high potential individuals, and the development of accountability cultures. To date, Frederick has delivered training sessions to over 5,000 employees, managers and executives, in organisations of all sizes and industries. As a coach, Frederick provides virtual and face-to-face coaching using a unique blend of personality and psychometric tools to develop key managerial and/or personal skills, such as self-awareness and self-control, empathy, effective communication and time management, to name but a few. Frederick holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing (Concordia University) and an MBA (McGill University). He is a Certified iLead coach, a recognized PPCC coach and a member of the ICF.

Recognized for his unique energy and ability to engage people at all levels of an organization, Frederick helps find concrete solutions that empower clients to fuel their own transformation. His process facilitates a cycle of expressing, clarifying, envisioning, planning and self-learning that respects the client’s pace and priorities.

Coaching contexts

  • Leadership development coaching
  • Coaching managers and teams as part of an organizational transformation
  • Coaching leaders in transition or in ownership of a new management role
  • Coaching teams that want to develop more autonomy, operational efficiency and collaboration
  • Development of relational, emotional and self-awareness skills
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