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Guillaume Elmoznino, Senior Analyst

Since the beginning of his career, Guillaume has held HR generalist positions in different companies working in the private sector. His interpersonal skills, his empathy, and his strong ability to adapt to change have allowed him to stand out in the face of adversity. For Guillaume, teamwork and transparency are crucial elements in meeting any challenge.

Wishing to focus his development in the area of compensation, he joined the Boreala team as a senior analyst. According to him, compensation is without a doubt the most important motivating factor for employees, and involves organizational issues that define the company’s culture. A cheerful and collaborative person, he builds trusting and lasting relationships with clients.

Guillaume supports clients in the areas of functional HR and compensation.

Always motivated by his development, he seizes every opportunity to increase his skills and knowledge. He holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources from UQAM.

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