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Haeila Vroye, Consultant

Haeila loves learning, coaching, working collaboratively with others, and developing meaningful relationships. With over a dozen years of experience, she is a passionate consultant and management professional. Her working experience involves projects in different fields such as Education, Sports and Recreation, Hospitality, Construction and Technology. She has worked with public-sector entities, privately owned companies and non-profit organizations.

Her ability to identify the root cause of issues combined with her exceptional interpersonal skills and collaborative approach help develop trusting and lasting relationships with her clients. She uses agility and flexibility to quickly adapt to new situations and environments as well as great creativity to support clients with innovative and customized solutions for sustainable transformation and growth.

As an inclusive team player and leader, Haeila creates a safe environment where participants’ buy-in is strong and in alignment with best practices. She thrives in leadership and organizational development, operational and organizational efficiency management and diversity, equity and inclusion. She holds a B Sc. from UQAM University and an MBA in Management Consulting from ESG Montreal.

Adventurer at heart, Haeila has travelled and worked in many countries where she immersed herself in the local culture, food and activities. Surfing, dune boarding, rock climbing and glacier hiking, she loves it all!

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