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Josette Lapierre
Facilitator & Coach

Josette Lapierre is a seasoned and spirited executive with a 30 year plus experience helping corporations define purpose and drive strategy, build trust in their team and deliver results. As a facilitator, coach and senior executive, she knows first-hand the challenges of advancing one’s career, that of others and ensuring the success of entire organisations.  She also recognizes the importance of not losing site of personal goals, needs and commitments.  She works at keeping everything in check every day for herself, and loves working with others who want to do the same.  Josette holds a Professional and Personal Coach (PPCC) certification from Concordia University and a Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification from the Project Management Institute.   She earned her bachelor’s degree in Education, a certificate in Business Administration, a certificate in Educational Technology and a certificate in Education Application of Computers from the University of Montreal.  Josette works in Canada, the United States and Europe with senior management and people managers who want to purposefully grow in healthy and thriving environment.

Josette’s approach is a blend of coaching and consulting.  She is always truly and completely vested in the success and wellbeing her coachees, she makes expectations and goals more visible and she purposefully engages in the exploration of bad habits and limiting beliefs.  She embeds herself in the learning process, helps shed light on strengths and personal resources and also provides knowledge, tips and tricks in critical areas.  She positions herself as an accountability partner, skillfully helping in the definition of action plans and following up on progress.

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