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Marie-Camille Jourda, Senior Consultant 

Marie-Camille is an experienced consultant who always takes a client-centred approach, ensuring that her recommendations are adapted to the culture and context of the company.

With more than 7 years of experience, mainly as a strategy and management consultant, in France and Canada, she has helped organizations of various sizes and sectors in defining and implementing bold strategies. She supports her clients in a wide range of services, in particular: auditing and redesigning organizational structures, financial planning and business plan construction as well as the development and implementation of growth strategies. Highly adaptable, she is able to move from strategic thinking to a more hands-on approach to ensure the success of each of her projects.

Marie-Camille holds a PROSCI / Change Management certification, and has a passion for industrial psychology and culture-related dynamics, which she believes are at the heart of successful transformations.

Marie-Camille excels in building lasting relationships with clients, based on trust and mutual understanding. She uses her listening and analytical skills to connect with stakeholders with empathy, in order to facilitate their buy-in to change.

Marie-Camille holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Sciences Po University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from ESCP Europe, both obtained in Paris (France).

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