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Nathalie Leblanc, HR Consultant

With a passion for management, Nathalie began her career as a manager in the food industry. Over ten years ago, she made the leap to the human resources world and worked in SMEs and large companies for the retail, manufacturing, telecommunications and information technology sectors.

With a strong capacity to develop and build, Nathalie has actively participated in several organizational and cultural transformations by being responsible for change management as well as the implementation of new work processes and new technologies in human resources. She has also built and developed talent in different teams, notably during the creation of a shared services center and a national recruitment department.

Over the years, Nathalie has distinguished herself by her great capacity to adapt her work structure, her approachability as well as her strong ability to take on challenges and create trusting relationships with her clients in order to achieve the desired results.

Nathalie holds a DESS in training management and a PROSCI / Change Management certification. She is passionate about organizational development, skills & work teams’ development, operational efficiency, change management and project management.

Always wanting to surpass herself and take on new challenges, Nathalie practices several endurance sports, loves to travel, and is a PADI certified advanced diver.

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