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Sebastien Dionne, Analyst

Sebastien is one of the newest additions to the Boreala team. Thanks to his experiences in different types of organizations, Sébastien brings proven and innovative ideas to his projects. As an analyst always focused on customer service, he provides the necessary tools and support to all clients for a variety of HR domains.

Always working with an open mind, he has a desire to learn and the flexibility required to adapt to the client’s needs. He has experience in all fields of HR with a specialization on strategic recruitment, organizational development and training. He supports clients and colleagues in a positive way and is always interested in new challenges.

Sébastien holds a technical degree in accounting and management with a human resources profile, a bachelor’s in human resources management from the University of Québec in Montreal and a master’s in industrial relations from the University of Montreal. He also is a member of the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisor.

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