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Steven Dobric, Senior Data Analyst 

Data always tells a beautiful story when looked at from the right perspective. As a senior data analyst, Steven is passionate about statistics and has a great ability to uncover the stories that data holds by leveraging various data tools. Steven joined Boreala in mid 2022 with over 5 years of experience as a data analyst. He previously worked in the Psychology department at Concordia University where he conducted diverse research, from human survey studies to animal learning and behaviour.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in statistics and graduated with distinction and honours. He also holds a master’s degree in Research Psychology with a specialization in data analysis. For his dissertation, he investigated the role of a crucial brain-protein on neuron structure. He has won national-level awards for his work in the field of experimental psychology, has presented data-driven findings at conferences all over Quebec, and is an honorary member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Given his extensive experience in analysis, Steven helps Boreala clients identify and understand key business analytics by leveraging different tools and statistical methods. He has a passion for building customer-tailored data solutions by utilizing various methods from exploratory analysis to predictive analytics using machine learning.

Beyond his passion for numbers, Steven is highly curious and enjoys learning new things. While he loves being outdoors either camping or biking, he will often enjoy a weekend at home watching movies, playing video games, or building Excel templates.

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