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Tiffany Silvaggio, Project Coordinator

A goal without a plan is just a wish. As a project coordinator, Tiffany a is highly organized individual with an eye for detail and has the necessary communication and people skills to nurture client relationships. Tiffany collaborates with the team to develop, implement, coordinate project activities, and provides logistical support for event planning. As a results-oriented individual, she is driven to deliver the highest caliber of service and exceed client expectations. She likes to be challenged to work outside of her comfort zone and tackle issues head on with a positive and optimistic mindset.

Tiffany holds a bachelor of arts and science in environmental sustainability from McGill University and has a continued education in supply chain management. Prior to joining Boreala, Tiffany worked 5 years for one of the top 10 leading biopharmaceutical companies in B2B trade operations as a sales and returns analyst. Throughout her professional experience in the field, she grew passionate for customer engagement practices all the while developing her skills in leadership, analytical thinking, problem-solving in fast-paced environments. She is a highly curious individual with a strong drive for innovation and bring forth fresh new ideas and concepts to drive change in organizations.

When she not in the workplace, Tiffany enjoys hiking, travelling, being socially active with friends, taking part in social justice movements, and finding new hobbies.