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Enhance your communication and interpersonal effectiveness for improved work relationships with our Programs.

Whether delivered in person or online you can count on BorealaRISE programs to be highly participative and incorporate transfer of learning activities to solidify behaviour change and employee growth.

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Target Audience: All levels

Duration: 2 days, in person or virtual

Overview: This program supports participants in becoming more comfortable and confident in building trust and achieving mutual understanding. We designed this foundational program to provide actionable insights, easy-to-apply templates and hands-on skills practice. While other programs may cover the “how”, this program addresses the “why and how”: why we sometimes face misunderstandings, why we may experience conflict or why our ideas don’t have the impact the way we think they could. In addition, we explore the “what, when and where” so participants can make thoughtful choices and adapt more effectively to a variety of situations and contexts.

Outcomes: When communication capability and confidence increases, you may observe: Increased productivity and efficiency; reduced distractions/disruptions; increased trust and positive relationships between colleagues, direct reports and other stakeholders which could result in more information-sharing and creative collaboration.

Design Guiding Principles: We all learn differently. At the core, our design is inclusive and considers a whole host of participant needs and preferences to ensure a psychologically safe and optimal learning environment. We incorporate activities for experiential learning, inquiry exercises for reflection, guidelines for conceptualization, and simple tools (handouts) for applying the content in the workplace.

In the session, participants will:

  • Explore why we think, say and react the way we do when we communicate
  • Create their own ‘guiding principles’ clarifying preferences so they can better communicate their needs and create a bridge between themselves and those they work with
  • Apply listening skills & techniques for clarity, deeper understanding and increased trust
  • Differentiate between the various methods and modes for communicating and choose the most effective approach for the best outcome. These may include:
    • One-on-one in face-to-face or virtual contexts
    • Emails and other written communication
    • Team discussions
    • Larger group meetings and more formal presentations
  • Consider different options and approaches when there might be unexpected resistance, conflict or delays
  • Create a plan for a real-world conversation where outcomes are important; examples might include a peer-to-peer conversation, teaching somebody a new skills or process, a meeting that requires getting buy-in, a performance management or feedback discussion, etc.
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