Effectiveness Dimension Diagnostic (EDD)

Want to improve the functioning of your organization or department but don’t know where to start? Boreala Management’s Effectiveness Dimensions Diagnostic© can help guide you.

What is an Organizational Diagnostic?

An organizational diagnostic is a holistic assessment at the strategic, functional, and human levels of an organization or department.
Using Boreala’s proprietary Organizational Effectiveness Framework © the diagnostic will pinpoint key areas for improvement with the objective of developing and enhancing effectiveness and performance.

The Effectiveness Dimensions Diagnostic© features
5 maturity levels rated for each dimension of the Framework.

The Benefits of using the Effectiveness Dimensions Diagnostic

Get a holistic view of how your organization or department is functioning in each dimension.

Receive a full report outlining key challenges and highlighting opportunities for improvement with recommendations, which can be used to focus on areas that are most critical to your operations.

Work with a consultant to develop an action plan including priority areas and next steps to address inefficiencies and maximize performance.

What are the potential outcomes of conducting an Effectiveness Dimensions Diagnostic?

Using the results of the diagnostic as a roadmap for improvement projects can lead to meaningful results.  Using the EDD ensures organizational alignment and effective allocation of resources in the areas that will have the greatest impact, most often in terms of governance or process improvements, organizational structure enhancements and team skills development.

Take our mini-Organizational effectiveness quiz
to get a sneak peek of your effectiveness score.


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