Customized Surveys

Expert support to help you gain the insights you need to guide your organization for success.

Surveys can be used to gather internal information on ways to enhance employee performance, productivity, and retention or to help collect external data to benchmark key metrics against market comparatives.

We collect both qualitative and quantitative data, either through questions that are designed by you, or crafted by one of our experts to meet the desired objectives.

Surveys are conducted online (or paper if required). Options are available to add interviews or focus groups.

Examples of our customized surveys

  • Organizational Strategy & Culture: Understand if employees are aligned with the strategic direction of the organization. Identify whether the culture is optimal to drive short-term and long-term performance.

  • Employee Engagement: Understand the key drivers and derailers of engagement and empower leaders with critical information to motivate their teams.

  • Employee Value Proposition: Capture key information from new and long-term staff that can be used to create strategies for talent attraction and retention.

  • Operational Policies & Processes: Gather insights into the effectiveness of internal processes and policies in order to make adjustments for improved operational efficiencies.

  • Pulse Surveys: Listen to how employees are feeling and gather feedback on the health of your organization.

  • Workplace Safety: Demonstrate commitment to physical and psychological safety by providing employees with the opportunity to provide open feedback on areas for improvement.

  • Compensation: Collect market data in order to benchmark and optimize your talent strategy and make strategic decisions with competitive salary data by position.

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