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Macda Tardieu, Consultant

Endowed with great empathy and sensitivity to the realities of her clientele, Macda quickly earns her clients' and partners' trust in her mandates.

Macda has developed strong skills in planning and implementing HR projects in various public organizations, including ministries in the health, employment, education, city, and municipal sectors. She prioritizes the development of customer relations and has a solution-oriented approach based on concrete actions and commitment. Her diverse experience as a social worker, employment and human resources consultant, as well as project manager in external consulting in various private and public sectors, make her a professional equipped to deal with a wide range of organizational challenges.

Her multi-dimensional vision of organizations and her experience in the field enable her to nuance the different challenges and present solutions adapted to each client’s reality. She has a keen interest in collective well-being and continuous improvement. Macda is recognized for her active listening skills, her reliability in project management, her follow-through, her sense of repartee and her sound judgment.

She accompanies and works with clients to propose a variety of practical management tools and solutions. She supports Boreala's clients in a variety of projects, including organizational development, training, talent management strategic and operational analysis, development of HR programs, policies and tools, change management and facilitation.

Macda has over 10 years' experience in human resources and holds an ATMAN Pro. certification for the administration and interpretation of psychometric tests. Curious by nature, she has developed a parallel interest in various fields and she is pursuing her studies at the Université-du-Québec-à-Montréal, with a view to become an accredited member of the Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines du Québec.

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