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Laura Cardenas


Laura joins Boreala in the summer of 2023 as an analyst, bringing over 10 years of experience and a continued passion for helping teams achieve their collective dreams and intentions together for action.

Her global career includes consulting in human resources at the Organization of American States in Washington D.C., leading change and building healthy business relationships in her family’s business in Colombia, and supporting social justice and intercultural projects that matter to her in Montreal, including a climate lab at the World Social Forum in 2016.

Laura immigrated to Montreal in 2009 from Colombia to pursue her studies. She has a B.A. in Industrial Relations and an M.A. in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University; as well as numerous certificates including a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from McGill University, Family Businesses for the Upcoming Generation from HEC Montreal, and Managing Artificial Intelligence from Georgetown University.

A lifelong learner with an analytical style of approaching change practices and a passion for catalyzing group change processes, Laura is a well-rounded and creative team player. She thrives where there is a challenge and the opportunity to bring people together to do something bigger than the sum of its parts.

In her free time, Laura enjoys reading, getting in touch with nature, and dancing. As a culture enthusiast, she speaks Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese.

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