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Sandrine Tremblay, Senior Consultant

Sandrine has been a valuable addition to the Boreala team since 2018. She stands out for her human, solution-oriented approach and ability to quickly build trust with clients.

Driven by her curiosity, she is interested in several areas of expertise in the human resources field such as compensation, change management, employee engagement and organizational development.

As a consultant, her analytical skills, professionalism and adaptability allow her to produce quality documents and tools, personalized to clients’ needs. She supports our clients in a variety of projects such as pay equity, comparative market analysis, implementation and optimization of job evaluation tools and classification system, salary increase matrices, design of salary structure, writing detailed analysis reports, strategic planning, as well as several human resources mandates. Her varied knowledge and open-mindedness are assets that are greatly appreciated by our clients.

In addition to being a member of the Order of Certified Human Resources Consultants, she holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations from the University of Montreal.

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