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Sarah Todd Levac, Manager

Sarah is passionate about working with others to achieve lasting results. She values team work and believes that there is no challenge that can’t be overcome by creative solutions and a positive attitude.

Sarah has almost a decade of experience working within the financial services and technology industries in the areas of human resources, operations and management. During her time in these fast-paced sectors she developed the agility and flexibility skills to quickly adapt to new situations and environments. She can be counted by our clients to support them with innovative solutions and new ways of addressing their challenges.

Her style is warm and welcoming and she quickly develops trusting relationships with her clients. She is recognized for great facilitation skills and her ability align stakeholders and efficiently move projects ahead.

Sarah’s areas of expertise include, HR fundamentals, organizational diagnostic and restructuring, performance management, workforce planning, employee engagement, change management and learning and development.

Motivated by personal and professional growth, Sarah is always eager to pursue opportunities to expand her skills and knowledge. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University and Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from McGill university. Sarah is a Prosci accredited Change Management Practitioner. She is a keen runner and has completed 4 marathons

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