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Stephanie Chahine, Consultant

Stephanie has been working for more than 15 years in human resources across the Middle East region and brought her large experience in several human resources areas to the North America region and Canada. As a seasoned professional, Stephanie built an expertise in talent acquisition, learning & development, performance management and organisational development.

Her approachability and empathy as well as her professionalism serve her a great deal in building relationship with her internal and external clients allowing her to provide them with valuable recommendations in human resources functionalities and organizational development mainly in talent acquisition strategies, learning and development initiatives and performance management.

Her passion for helping people grow and reach their full potential as well as her love for challenge, drive Stephanie to search for creative and customisable solutions to fit the needs of her clients with a great sense of urgency.

Stephanie holds a certification in Human Resources management from HEC Montreal and she is certified as main facilitator for 360-degree evaluation. She is also certified as worldwide assessor for psychometric assessments. Stephanie has an ambitious spirit to see her clients grow continuously and to be motivationally driven to reach the next level of human resources.

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