Sarah Todd-Levac – Senior Consultant

Specializations: HR fundamentals, organizational diagnostic and restructuring,performance management, workforce planning, employee engagement, change management and learning and development.

Sarah is one of our senior consultants who is passionate about working with others to achieve long-lasting results. She is known for her hard work, flexibility, welcoming approach, and innovative solutions. This week, we had a fun discussion with Sarah to discover more about what she does behind the scenes and what motivates her the most.

Career path to success:

Sarah started her career in one of the big five banks as a Client Service Representative. While working there, she quickly realized that the path she was on was not in line with her goals, and so she decided to change her direction and start her HR journey accepting a HR Coordinator role within a financial services company. She progressed quickly, ultimately becoming the Head of HR Operations. Wanting to use her experience in a consulting context, Sarah was attracted by the opportunity at Boreala, not only to continue to build her HR expertise, but to support clients in improving effectiveness within their organizations.

What really motivates her: 

The key motivation behind her hard work and success is her passion to provide support to and help organizations and individuals to develop.

“My passions and what has always driven my career is supporting growth and development of others. That was something that I’ve always found very motivating. I am not someone who wants to be the face of something. I like to be behind the scenes supporting everyone in need. This is what I have always enjoyed. When I recognized that there is a need in certain areas, I was ready to come-in and help build capacity and efficiency and that’s what I really enjoy doing. Boreala’s mission also speaks a lot to me, and I have always thought that it is such a good fit for me.”

A memorable experience:

Sarah is working with non-profit and indigenous organizations at Boreala Management to help them achieve sustained success. Thanks to her warm and welcoming style, she quickly develops trusting relationships with her clients.

“One of the memorable experiences that I had was at my first Teacher Orientation that we organized a couple of years ago with a First Nation School Board. I loved their approach to orientation where they (teachers) learned about the organizational culture and the First Nation culture. During this event, many cultural activities took place, and I had the chance to fillet a fish during the orientation that I was facilitating. It was something that I thought that I would never do in an orientation, but it was so much fun!”

“Leadership Training service is one of the Boreala services that I highly recommend”

As a Senior Consultant, Sarah thinks that Leadership Training & Development is one of the most important services to invest in as it helps to create capacity for the leaders who will then across their team.

“Lots of what we do at Boreala is creating capacity, and we are working with leaders not only to help them identify the different skills that they have but also how they can apply those skills in their day-to-day job.”

Who is Sarah after work?

Apart from her professional background, Sarah is a very active person in her personal life. She likes to spend quality time with her dog, friends, and family. She also enjoys biking, eating food and drinking good wine.